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Is Tea Tree safe to use on chickens?

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Is Tea Tree safe to use on chickens?

You seem to be able to buy tea tree spray from a UK chicken supplier:
but lots of people seem to say its not safe.

Hoping someone can shed some light on this.
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I use tea tree oil for a lot a different things (from cleaning the house to skin wounds (myself, dogs and horses)... but I have never used it on my chickens.

Tea tree oil has a lot of good uses, look into the benefits (and make your own spray.:)) All oils are "in now" research, research and more research...

Aromatherapy is great ... I have just finished my class. (on~line) but beware of scams.
We use pure Ascorbic-Acid (vitamin C) powder and add a few teaspoons to their drinking water (20 gal.). Heals wounds very quickly and promotes the uptake and absorption of other vitamins and trace minerals for healthier animals. also facilitates quicker recovery during molting

Side note* can also be used in spray form for topical use.
Thank you both for your help. jn4 thanks I think I shall try the Ascorbic - acid powder :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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