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    hello everyone. Im a new bee at raising chickens. I am expecting three chickens in early feb. Im getting bearded silkie bantams. One blue, and two partridge. Im very excited for their arrival! i have a home ready for them and my husbands working on making their run bigger. my house will have two nest boxes for them enough for four chicks. If im lucky i might be getting another at the end of feb. I have their brooder ready and all i need is the chicks. Im a bit nervous as they are coming by mail although the farm is about four hours away by car. I pray they do well. They will be aprox 2 months old when i receive them. any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    Congratulations on your decision to enter chickenhood. Its so much fun and so addicting. Nothing better than chicken tv. Best channel around you'll find. :D Nice starting age too! Where are you located? Welcome aboad the forum. :)