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We have one older hen left now and just picked up a young hen to keep her company. The new one is still quite young and very timid. Our older girl is being typically assertive which I expected.
The newbie was hiding and quite intimidated when I went into the coop this morning.
Tonight I took the older one out and secured her elsewhere til the morning just so the young one can find her way to food and look around in the morning with being bullied. My husband disagreed and said I'm prolonging the process. I just want her to adjust to her new surroundings in the morning before I put the old girl back in. They have a huge run, roomy coop, several nesting boxes and lots of trees so they have plenty of room to stay out of each other's way during the day. It was mostly the start of the day that concerns me.
What do I do tomorrow night though? All ideas or suggestions much appreciated.
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