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    Just arrived a few minute ago, signed up, figured I'd intro then cruise the forum.

    I am a 54 year old grandfather, I have been raising chickens as both a hobby and a bit of a sideline. Currently in my active flock I have 15 hens, 7 RIRs, 8 BRs plus 2 RIR roosters named Barrack and Obama.

    The breeding program I have going right now is a pure line of RIRs plus BSLs attained by breeding my RIR roosters over the BR hens.

    Currently I have 57 eggs in my home made incubator set to hatch July 26. If all goes well I hope to have some new blood introduced to my RIRs and a good batch of BSLs.

    Also, I am currently working on a second, larger incubator, that will be equipped with atleast 3 auto egg turner tray, giving it a capacity of about 120 eggs.

    My flocks are housed in 4 different runs, 3 conventional runs plus 1 hoop house.

    Other animals on the place by age. Ranger, a 12-15 year old rescue paint gelding. Cody, a 7 year old appy/paint cross gelding. 2 dogs and 1 cat.
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    That is a lot of animals and production!