Introducing keets to adult guineas?

Discussion in 'Gamebirds' started by Frank Alvarez, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. Frank Alvarez

    Frank Alvarez New Member

    I have 18 guinea keets which I hatched out over the last several months. The largest are ready to go out free range but I am not sure how to introduce them to the flock of 7 adult birds which I already have on free range (but sleep in my chicken coop with the chickens). With the chickens, I would keep them in a separate open shed in a cage for week or so , so the other chickens could get used to them. Should I do the same with the guineas? Anyone had any experience with this situation?
  2. robin416

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    This is another one of those questions that there isn't an absolute answer to. I had a stray guinea show up at my place and my birds didn't care. They also didn't care when the stray guinea's flock showed up and he left with them.

    In my old place I had an 8X8 pen inside of my guinea coop so any new little ones were living with the flock for a while before being turned out.