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I just cannot even imagine.
I know I couldn't believe when I went out that night and found them all dead in my yard.
I actually thought my dog had only killed 1 and then when I went to check on the rest of them in the pool they were all gone that's when I knew that the rest were dead somewhere, so I looked around the yard and there they all are bloody and lifeless.馃槩

Rest in peace Sunfish
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I was so devastated late last night to walk out in my yard and find all my chicks dead.
And it figures my dog did it.
Even weirder part is she didn't eat them, she just took them out of their pool
and then walk a little ways and dropped them all around my yard, I still can't get over all of this!
I have had that dog for for almost 8 years and I know she would never harm chicks and never has until last night, I'm so shocked she did that.
RIP babies!

I'm so devastated...
Wow.. poor chicks.I would be really angry..

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New to board and lost a lady last week to a fox or bird (didn鈥檛 find body). Just wanted to say I am sorry for your loss and hope I don鈥檛 bring up bad memories.
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