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    Hi all! I'm from California. I'm a new chicken owner, in fact my silkies are due to arrive in early Feb. I ordered two partridge and one blue and I'm likely to get another not exactly sure what will be available but I'm looking for my fourth. I'm very excited! My chicks will be aprox. 2 months old at arrival. I had to get DNA testing to ensure I will have hens because I can't have roos where I live. I have there brooder ready and my husband is working on the house and run. I purchased a online house, first mistake, now I have to improve on it by adding another hen nest box and bigger run. My husband should have it finished by the time they are ready to move outside. I have so much to learn and any advice is greatly appreciated! I've purchased some books which I'm reading now to help me understand and be a better chicken owner. I feel like an expected mother I'm so excited! I. Just pray the chicks do well in the mail. The farm that I ordered from is about 4 hours away by car so hopefully the trip won't be too hard on them! I pray they all are healthy! If any of you have any advice for a new bee like me that would be great! Well, I'm happy to be part of this forum and hopefully someday I can help others. It's nice to meet you all!
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    Welcome realsis. :) A ton of fun you're going to have with these chickens. They're very addicting!!!