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Oof, well I do have pictures of Harriet, but they're from probably a month ago, so a bit outdated. She's only about 3 months old now, so still changing a lot! I just haven't gotten out there to get current pictures of anyone lately View attachment 43007 She went from this size crest, which is still a bit large for my tastes, to like half-Polish-sized crest over the past month. I really do need to get updated pictures of her, I guess :ROFLMAO:

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I don't know if you meant both of them or just Hare, but this was Poppy, my first Legbar. She had the rumpliest of single combs and was the biggest diva in the flock at the time. She came from a breeder, but this was only a few years after they'd been imported to the U.S., so she was out of Greenfire's original import of the utility-quality Legbars from Europe.

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what breed are they??? So pretty!! 馃槏 馃槏 馃槏 :love:馃槏馃槤馃槃馃グ馃槂馃榿馃槅馃憦馃檶馃憤馃樆
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