Hurt hen leg... Please help

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    You are very lucky. I'm glad that you have cooperative vets.
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    The calming effect by lying on their backs is something chicken share with reptiles. That's how they put alligators to "sleep" by rolling them on their back. I think it has to do with their inner ear as I recall. Chicken will also calm down if you pick them up by their feet so their head dangles with the Same effect of laying them on their back. I use it if I have to pick up numerous chickens at 1 time at night if they be escaped and I need to get them back in their coop or something .I know it's more humane to just took your arm around them but sometimes they just insist on fighting And you can't pick up more than one chicken with your arm around them but by Holding them
    by the feet you can put 1 chicken between each finger and potentially take up 5 chickens in 1 hand
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