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Howdy yall

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From Alberta...
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Howdy from Virginia.

from CT. Glad you joined

From northeast England/uk :) just wanted to get involved :)
Nice group here.. Looks like i will have some (lots) of spare time on my hands.. Blew my back apart, Im awaiting surgery.. I can still get out to the shop to tinker.. BUT the stool for sitting on seems to follow closely. Im not allowed to pull wrenches or lift much at all.. The hopes of building a grand chicken coop this year now looks out of reach. I have so many other things to finish that will now take the rest of the nice summer days to complete. Thank goodness for the air ride seat in the tractor as i can still brush mow.
Welcome Garminsdad from Upper Michigan! When is your back surgery? How frustrating for you being so limited right now. =( Sending good luck wishes and a prayer too that your surgery goes well and you're back on your feet good as new real soon!
Welcome from North Florida
back at cha'

looking forward to chatting about how you deal with the trial and tribulations of winter!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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