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Hello everyone... I am looking forward to participating here ... we have a dozen chicks right now. I have had chickens in the past but decided that they were to much work and I could get eggs cheap but recently we have been overrun with ticks in my neck of the woods and I am pulling 5-6 ticks off my 9 dogs almost every night... its driving me nuts and thus we have decided to go back to chicken raising. Eggs are a nice by-product... hubby and I are both vegetarians so we won't ever be eating them but we really are looking for a natural method of tick reduction...

Coop is still in process, 8x8 but right now our chicks are living in a couple rubbermaid bins in the guest bedroom and hopefully the "coop de grace" or the "chicken mahal" will be done next week....

right now the interior is mostly done roosts are up... nest boxes are in ... but I have to put wire on the windows, finish painting and get the doors made I just went and bought the ship lap today... we will be using ship lap for doors and siding... then I have to make the windows... and put the flooring down... then we will add the roofing next week and start the siding but getting the chicks outside is a priority

so howdy I am looking forward to talking to you all
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