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Hi there:)
I am a midlife empty nester crazy chicken lady.
I have six various breed back yard pet chickens.
I live in village limits and abide by the ordinances for chicken keeping.
I have two Buff Orpingtons, two Plymouth blue, and two EE's.
I love my chickens. I spoil them and talk to them:)
It's fun to watch their little personalities.
Our main coop is The Chick Inn, and the secondary coop my hubs made from a shipping crate is The Lil Deuce Coop, that I use to segregate a sick or bully hen.
Anyway, love my lil Michigan chickens.
Looking fw to learning from all of you:)

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Hello from someone who was raised in Macomb County. It's been a while since I've been back. When you say mid MI I think of places like Fowlerville. I did live there for a year.

99% of the folks here feel the same way about their birds. They're lawn ornaments and entertainment factories.
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