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I recently found out a way to cook freshly laid eggs that are super easy to peel. The shell comes away from the egg perfect every time :)
They turn out just like your regular hard boiled egg and you place them into a cold water bath just the same as the video at the start of this topic.

The trick is to steam them. I used a small sized pot (18cm) with a (pot) steamer on top. Have the water boiling before you place the steamer on top of the pot of boiling water. My eggs vary from 30 grams to 55 grams, and take 12 to 14 minutes to cook through to 'hard boiled'. (I usually do 6 to 8 eggs at once, removing smaller eggs a minute or two before the larger ones)
The recipe I came across stated 18 mins but I figured that they were using larger eggs.
By far the easiest way to get perfect to peel freshly laid eggs I have tried. :)
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