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Discussion in 'Meat Chickens' started by Longyearfarm, Jan 12, 2013.

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    Hello all. I'm new to this forum, but I've been gathering information from this site for some time now. I'm in the process of building a scalder for my chickens and turkeys to speed up the butchering process. I'm looking for any comments or concerns with my idea.

    Here it is: I have a 4'H x 23" round stainless steel tank. The tank has a 3/4" drain on the bottom. Also, it has a set of hard rubber wheels and a handle, so that it could be moved like a dolly. I have a 220V Ranco ETC that will control dual 4500 watt heating elements. The elements will be protruding up from the bottom of the tank. I have a (heavy gauge)stainless screen that sits on the bottom, protecting any thing from touching the elements.

    At this point in writing this it occurred to me that I should probably post some pics. I'll work on that. This project isn't complete, so is there any input from the experts??

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    Talk to the Buckeye folks. They know a lot about this. Good luck!