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Hi, my names Jen and I'm from the Uk!

Me and my OH have had four chickens for coming up to two months now and we love them!

We have hybrids, mainly for egg laying but, as we've discovered, for the entertainment value too...

We have 2 Warwickshire Honeysuckles (Toast & Honey), a Warwickshire Bluebell (Bluebell) and a Blue Splash (Splash or Roadrunner depending on her mood!)

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(Sorry about the photos, I keep forgetting to take my camera out with me to get better ones!!)

We've already had problems with honey having an impacted crop a couple of weeks ago which has left her with a slightly extended crop but which doesn't seem to bother her now and certainly doesn't stop her from eating, although she has gone off lay now (she'd only just started when we had the problems)

Toast and bluebell are currently our layers and we're getting two eggs a day, most days so we're very lucky!

Splash, the youngest, is also big boss hen and can be quite a bully at times and doesn't appreciate being cuddled. At all!

They love being let our of their run at the weekends for a good scratch around in the back garden (we work all week and daren't let them out on their own) and the looks we get whilst trying to shoo them back in!

We're definitely newbies and so we're always looking for advice and suggestions and hopefully, be able to pass information on too!

Looking forward to having a look around the rest of the forum!



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Welcome to chicken forum! Your chickens look mighty cute! ;)

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Hi Jen. Glad you got to join the land of chickenhood. :D Pretty amazing critters those chickens are with their big personalities and sometimes wayyyy too good of memories! :)
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