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    I am happy to be apart of this forum and look forward to sharing and learning more about chickens. I fell into having chickens by doing a garden talk and a women in the audience gave me 4 blue eggs as a gift to show my grandchildren, she said, " don't eat them. they are fertile" so of course I could not through them away, so off to buy an incubator and the rest is history. :D We love our chickens, we are down to 6 we lost our head rooster passed away yesterday, Charlie Boots. We are very sad about it, we took him to the vet and he said he had mites, we treated but he never recovered, he had an underlying chronic issue. We rescued him off the streets of Long Island, so we did not know how old he was. We had him 4 yrs. We now live in The Blue Ridge Mts VA and our roosters can crow all they want. The names of our chickens are Romeo and Nelwood, the roosters, Juliet, Suzy, Big Mama and Priscilla our precious hens.

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    Welcome charlieboots! So very sorry about Charlie. =( Sounds like he had a very happy home. You made his life so much better!
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