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Hi! I am new in Northern Ca.

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I do not have chickens yet, I hope to get them soon. I am not really new to chicken raising I helped my mom raise hers for about 5 years. I am joining this site to find ideas and help when I need it. I would also like to find friends with the same feelings I have about chickens.
I find them very entertaining. I could (and have) watch them all day. I also enjoy turkeys and ducks. There is nothing like getting up in the morning and having them waiting for you at the gate and following you around the yard to see what you are doing. They are just as loving as a dog.
I love to hear them when I give them a treat, they are so happy over such a little thing like a bucket of grass cuttings, or even weeds from the garden. It is more fun to give them a worm. My moms chickens would help me dig so they could get the bugs. They also liked it when I weeded the yard. They would stand there and wait for me to clear the spot then they would scratch around the cleared area for munchies.
I am an animal lover of all kinds and I can not wait to get my little farm started.
Thank you for reading this and good luck with your chickens.:D
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Welcome! Hope you can get some ideas and inspiration from all the information being exchanged.
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