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I am new to chickens and we just set up our first coop and started a YouTube channel 馃榾 let me know what you think about our coop set up. Here鈥檚 the specs: we have six chickens 100sq ft outdoor run, 24 ft indoor coop. Wondering about more vents. Still have to add roosts and nesting boxes! Open to constructive criticism

We would love it if you followed our journey!

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Welcome to the forum. It was fun watching things come together as you start a pretty addictive hobby.

I don't see ventilation being a problem since they are in such a large building with existing vents. What I do see are escape routes. They like to roost and higher is better so there is a good chance they'll fly up to the top of the walls and probably into the rest of the building. So, poultry netting would be a good idea.

The same goes for the outside yard. The height of that fence is no challenge for them to go over. It's also not very predator proof. If you don't have issues there then it works fine.

What are your measurements for the inside coop? It just doesn't look 24 square feet.

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Robin is absolutely correct in her comments. Those chickens will get out of where you intend to keep them both inside and outside.

Welcome to the forum. Lots of great info here.

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Welcome to the forum!
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