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Hi from the mitten

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Just sayin' "Hi" from Michigan. We have had our backyard flock for about 6 years now, but I have been around chickens most of my nearly 50 years.
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Welcome! :)
Hey! If it was more a glove than a mitten, I'd be right in that little crook at the base, between the pinky and ring finger :p

I grew up on a farm (in Oceana county, to help you out, Riverdale ;) ). Traveled around, ran as far from the farm as I could get (San Antonio, TX). Came home, married a 'city boy' (from Coopersville. OK, not exactly city-city) and started looking for contentment in my old age. Got talked into chickens, and haven't looked back! I love eating the things I raised or my animals gave me; I love digging in the dirt. I'm back on a farm (well, mini farm) and I finally feel at home!
Welcome! Glad you joined.
CC, I grew up in Boyne City. Live just a bit west of Alma.
DH drives through Alma twice a week - once to work, once heading home, but drops down on 127 to 57 - he's working in Port Huron now :(
Good skiing in Boyne City :D
I'm orginally from Michigan, Boyne City.
I'm orginally from Michigan, Boyne City.
I graduated from BCHS in 1980. Grew up south of Deer Lake, as a matter of fact the road that runs south through the Deer Lake swamp to M-32 bears my family's last name.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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