Hi from Montana Central to be exact :)

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    Hello from Absarokee Montana. Its a small town a farm/ranch community.. I have some large fowl hens Light Brahma , NN x Australorp and a couple of Easter Egger hens. I do have some Light Brahma x Easter Egger crossed chicks and they are looking like pullets which I love more eggs :) then I have several bantam chickens. A breeding trio of Belgian Quail d'anvers a pyncheon hen, black silkies a black cochin hen two buff x partrdige silkies a silver sebright hen a black tailed Buff Japanese hen. Then I have two cornish hens large fowl.
    I do sell hatching eggs from the bantams , been raising chickens since 2009.. My children love chickens and they know where eggs and meat come from.Since this is a farming community and ranch they know where their hamburger comes from . There's a lot of farmers who have the beef cattle.
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    Hi! Glad you joined us! Sounds like you'll have lots of great experience to share. I've only had my chickens for a little over 2 years. Eight spoiled rotten hens from ages 2 yrs. 4 months - 5 months old. All pets with eggs being the bonus. Got my first Easter Egger about 3 weeks ago. She's the 5 mo. old. Pretty white with blend of gray in the under part of her feathers. Sweet as can be and darned smart too. ;) I have a couple cats & 3 dogs to complete my "family."