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I didn't realize that I hadn't posted anything yet.
We recently moved from a small town to Rochester a little bit bigger town.
In Rochester you can have 3 chickens. They have to be licensed, just like a pet. Only hens are allowed, no roosters. I would suppose it's because of the crowing.

We have raised hundreds of chickens. When the kids were small we would buy fertile eggs and incubate them. Besides chickens, we incubated ducks and geese. My all time favorite chickens are the Buff Orpingtons. They are very gentle and make great mothers. We have also raised Black Australorps, Guinea hens, turkeys; bronze and white, Top Hats, Faverolles, Brahmas, Cochins, Wyandotts, Rhode Islands and Plymouth Rocks.

If you have the room for them, it's always fun to order 25 straight run exotic chicks and see what you come up with when they are grown.

Our new coop will be built in the spring, and that's when we will get our "3" chickens to raise.
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