Hi from Dundee New-Brunswick Canada

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    for starters im a mom of 4 kids, always loved animals, always had Dogs, cats, rabbits, the occasionnal squirl or wild hurt animals people would find and bring me, but then i discovered chickens( my uncles idea because of my bad ant problem in the yard. 2years ago. I'm hooked , my husband came home from work and to his suprise i had a chicken in my harms that was not meant for his supper! i had 5 to start with and i am now up to 12, with 4 or 5 more on the way, i let the girls do there own thing, and the dogs love them too, Roxie will let me know if one of them is sick or hurt , and will stay with her until everything is back to normal. they are free range and are allowed just about everywhere but the living room. i also have broilers that are semmy free range, they actually dont like going very far from the coop, but they get the same treats as the other girls. And guess what! i hardly have any ants anymore.;)
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    Hi and welcome. :)

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    Organic bug control + fertilizer!!!

    Welocme to Chicken Forum!