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Hi from Australia

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Well it's cold and wet here, smack bang in the middle of Winter. We have had major problems with flooding, so some of my poor older girls are doing it a bit tough.:( BUT, the Winter solstice has come and gone, now we are seeing a gradual increase in eggs. when the weather dries up a bit and gets a little warmer, I will be starting on incubating the next additions to the coop.:)
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Hi Gwennie

I hope the sun starts shinning for you soon and the rain clears up... we have been experiencing flooding here in Wales too, my hens really don't like the wet.
Hi Gwennie, here we are in a string of 10+ days in a row of 90+ (Farenheit) degree days. My chickens are glad they have shade trees!

Welcome and have fun!
Hello & Welcome!

Hope it will dry up soon.
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