Hens with no feathers on their back/ rooster

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  1. morningsidefarmva

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    Just wondering what people do when it comes to a rooster who is alway on top of certain hens more than others, I have about 4 that are completely bald on their backs. I ordered a hen saddles but whoever made it only had material on it and it Was so light of material it did not seem to protect her. Winter will be here in a few months and wondering how to get feathers back on their backs beside putting them in a large cage so they can’t get out and I don’t want to do that if possible. Any suggestion would be helpful.
  2. Deborah Formosa

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    Good morning, I have seen canvas ( colorfully made) that look kind of like a saddle you can put on your hens for that exact reason. To prevent feather loss, scratches ect.. You just have to spend a little time on line looking for extra heavy hen saddles or if u or someone you know has a sowing machine , u can go buy thick material and use the thin hen saddle as a template pattern. I have been researching feather loss I am having a problem with my flock however the pictures on line do not look like my problem. From all the articles I have read the advise they give to help regrow feathers quickly is to give your chucken' s high protein diet they suggested scrambled eggs, feed with high protein ECT also putting food grade dinatious earth in areas your chicken's like to sit on the ground clean coup and put dinatious earth in their house and clean bedding to keep any parasites off of the bald spots. I have fed my chickens scrambled eggs and mixed food grade dinatious earth mixed in with the scrambled eggs to rid them of any worms. I also have them cooked rice , chick peas and kidney beans along with their feed ( cooked) for extra protein and they loved it.

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    Remove him. That kind of over breeding can lead to all sorts of physical injury. Including a broken leg.

    He needs a time out to learn to be more of a gentleman. I'm guessing this roo is young? Won't hurt him a bit to be removed for a while.
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    Just what Robin said, take him away from the girls for a good while.

    As for the girls, yes, extra protein is the key to feather growth. It's not an overnight miracle but it definitely cuts down on the time it takes to regrow. Deborah mentioned several very good options for high protein treats (TREATS, not a new diet). Also, black oil sunflower seeds are awesome, very high in protein. (those are the ones that are small and solid black, not the striped ones that we eat) Scrambled eggs (like Deborah said) are great too, make sure to include the yolk.

    I am a believer in diatomaceous earth (Deborah mentioned using it) and I use it religiously, but the thing you need to remember about it is that it should not be the only component of a dust bath, it creates too much dust when they kick it up which, like anything dusty (flour, dry dirt, etc) can cause respiratory problems. You need to mix it with sand or something else similar to help reduce the amount of airborne dust. 1:4 ratio is good.
    The other thing to remember is that it does not work when wet. It does not take care of internal parasites like many people think because it gets wet in the mouth, throat, digestive tract and becomes inert. Mixing it into their food is wasting it.

    If you want to use diatomaceous earth you can rub it into the naked part of their back but to be honest, there is no point in that unless the baldness is because of lice or mites, which yours is not.