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    I have five nice little mixed breed hens and their hatch mate brother. Got them a year and a half ago at age 3 days, with their mom who has since passed away.
    The young girls layed quite well last summer, dropped off as the days grew short, which I expected, but have not returned to regular cycle. We feed them top quality layer feed, let them run all day on our two acres of garden and woods, keep them locked up safe and clean at night in a spacious coop with three nesting boxes, in which they enjoy a nice sit, but only the occasional egg appears. We have searched under bushes, etc, in all their hangouts. no eggs or signs of stollen eggs.
    We get about ten eggs a week out of five chickens. Two or three of those will be robin egg size-- and color. (the chicks were from a silkie mom with who knows who for a dad on the farm next door.)
    any insights?
    two of them also went broody last summer and now they are all out in the yard every day. I was hoping to let them reproduce, but it's not happening!
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    My only suggestion is to keep them up for a couple of days. This is where having an attached run comes in handy, that way they are confined but can be outside.

    Its still possible they have some really good hiding places for their eggs so the only way to know if something is going on is to have them where they have to lay their eggs in a confined area.

    You said Silkie mix? Not surprising then that the eggs are small.

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    My hens did this last year. I thought I was going crazy, till we had someone instal new cable wires and hey had to crawl under the house... According the the little man who very excitedly came racing up on to the deck: "There's more eggs under there than I have ever even seen, Lady! It's amazing!" Haha, I told him to mind he didn't break any else he'd never get the stink out.
    The girls got locked up in the run for a week straight to "reset" their butts into laying in the nest boxes, and all returned to normal. Sometimes they just need to be checked back into gear.
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    lock them all in the coop for a few days (like Fiere said) with a box fan to keep cool