Hen laying egg middle of night

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ravster2006, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. ravster2006

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    Hi I've got a hen that lays in the middle of the night so she lays under the perch,

    Because it dark she won't use the nest box, I want her to lay when it's light about 9am,

    I've tried making her sleep in a nest box for the night and the golf ball trick in the nest box but Nuthing .

    Any ideas ppl.
  2. ChickensSayMoo

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    How about lots of sawdust under the roost, to cushion the egg when it falls? I have one bantam that has done the same thing every now and then. She usually lays in the nest box...but I guess sometimes she forgets to, before 'bedtime'??? :)
    I wouldnt encourage the sleeping in the nestbox....as that could be a hard habit to break and you would have to clear out the poop daily.
    Hope she works out better timing for you. Good luck :)

  3. 7chicks

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    Well, you have a stubborn little lady. ;) Is she battling the others for a favorite nest box during the day? Mine all gang up in 2's & 3's for one nest box - even though there are TWO others! Goofballs. Occasionally one of mine will lay during the night but its from their perch. Splat goes the egg even with the pile of woodchips underneath. Do you have a little nightlight you can leave for her so she'll use the nest box even if after hours at the moment? Sometimes if I have a hen I need to keep an eye on, I'll just set in one of those small solar yard lights. Perfect nightlight. Just a thought.