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Discussion in 'Chick Raising Forum' started by brookeee2013, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. brookeee2013

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    Okay so I have a 2 day old chick and he is the one who had the tumor thing. It is now gone but I've noticed that he seems to be a lot weaker than the others. And that he doesn't have much use of his left leg. What should I do? Will he get stronger? Another thing, there was a chick that was not hatching very well so 24 hours later I helped it out. I got it halfway out but it was even too weak for that. Now he's in the incubator laying on a towel just chirping. Not making any effort to move around. Is this normal? Will he get stronger? Also, his belly is like a bubble. There was a lot of blood in his egg. Everytime he chirps, it's like part of his umbilical cord comes out. This is my first time hatching and I've already lost one and I don't wanna lose another ):
  2. Energyvet

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    This little chick sounds malformed. Euthanasia might be your best option. Blood?!?! Maybe post some pics to help us help you. Doesn't sound promising.

  3. Kellence

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    With his belly being like a bubble it sounds like it needed longer in the egg and that it hasn't fully absorbed the yolk and will be week as not fully formed and with a lot of blood too think this may be the case i think you will loose it :-( keep us informed
  4. piglett

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    keep him warm & hope for the best
    i hate to say it but most problem chicks were the ones that were "helped"
    i'm not saying you should not ever help
    just saying there is a much better chance that
    a helped chick will have some kind of problems

    good luck
  5. BuckeyeChickens

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    Guessing both are dead by now but if not you should "cull" them! I find the easiest and fastest way to dispatch a day old chick or those up to a couple of weeks old is to simply snap their neck. By placing the chicks neck between the index finger and thumb then "pinch" you can quickly dispatch them!