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    We have 5 hens that are almost 2 years old. We tried to introduce 2 silkies to the flock in October and they were less than thrilled. We ended up losing on of the silkies and the other one turned out to be a rooster. So he has kind of has pushed his way in to the flock of girls.
    We are considering chicks this spring and were told that we need to establish a new flock so we should plan on purchasing 4 to 5 hens. We have room in their current pen but I am worried about night time.
    The girls go into a covered box to roost every night.
    Does anyone know if the new flock would be welcomed to roost in their as well or am I going to need to construct another "roosting box" for the new flock?
    It was tough to construct so I am hoping they can at least all roost together for the night but wanted to make sure before we purchase some chicks.
    Thank you so so much in advance
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    As long as there is room, you should be good, when you introduce, larger numbers are good, they will squabble and work to establish pecking order. Just make sure they have hiding places if they need to, also, make sure they are big enough, at least 6-8 weeks old, older of you have a growing pen..also, if you put them in young, you may want to find a feed they is a natural feed that does not have calcium in the pellets, growing birds don't need the extra calcium that laying hens do.