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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by RachaelJ, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. RachaelJ

    RachaelJ RachaelJ

    Hello, brand new here.

    I currently have a 6 yr old wonderful Red Star and two pullets, aprox 4 mos old.
    One a Black Copper Marans, the other a BCM/Barnevelder mix.
    Will probably get more chicks or pullets next year.

    I am interested in sharing info with others who raise and feed organically.
    What do you feed and grow for your chooks?
    What do you use for health issues?

    Does anyone know where to get stainless steel-if they exist-feeders and waterers?
    The kind with covers and rims that won't tip and stay cleaner.

    Thank you, Rachael
  2. Apyl

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    Hi and welcome. Personally I dont use comercial feed, my chickens and ducks all free range on 2 acres of woods and brush with TONS of blackberries, blueberries, and huckle berries and get kitchen scraps. As for sicknesses, I dont medicate. I feel its survival of the fitest, I dont want sickly chickens in my flock. So far we have had no issues with they way we do things or how we feed. I have had 1 duckling with nurological issues so it was culled.

  3. seiuchin

    seiuchin seiuchin

    We feed our birds a whole grain diet that we mix ourselves. Got the recipe off the internet; Rhondas whole grain chicken feed from greener pastures.
  4. 2rain

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    I just use layer crumbles and chick starter feed medicated but don't feed them that of they aren't inoculated! I also have a red star is yours super loud and talkative?