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Hello from Wales

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Hello all

My name is Rachael and I am new to keeping chickens. I have just inherited 6 hens from a friend of mine.

Dotti is a Wyendotte, Sugar and Spice are both Pekin's, Dream Girl is a Pencelled Pekin, Lotti is a White Sussex and Gigi is a Salmon Flavorelle and she has light blue eggs

I am very glad I found this forum as it will be nice to be able to ask share stories and ask for advise from fellow chicken keepers

Warm regards
Rachael :)
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Welcome ... Come in in!
Where in Wales do you live? You don't have to be detailed if you don't want to. I live in Newport, Gwent, down in the South East corner and keep my girls in my tiny back yard. I have three and Amber Link called... Amber (she was named by a five year old who is still learning about imagination. The other two are Warrens. Scaredy-cat Warrens who run from their own shadow. One is called Koala - a long story which I will tell another day. the other is GLC (Goldie Lookin' Chicken) well it had to be done because Newport is the home of the original GLC (Goldie Lookin Chain)

We lost one chicken to a fox back at the beginning of the year even though we live in the heart of town. We have very strict gun laws in this country so I can't just buy a gun and wait up for him to come back. I intend getting one of those catapults - I believe they are called slingshots elsewhere in the world - so that I can sit at the kitchen window and shoot him with that. First I need the money because they are expensive these days and then I need to practise,
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Hi Ladkyis

I live just outside Machynlleth. The hens are in my back garden, its not a large garden but they enjoy having the run of it. I don't think there are foxes or badgers nearby but I like to keep the girls in their run during the day just in case. They have the run of the garden when I am home though and they are brillian at digging up the weeds. They do a little dance... one step forward with their right food and then one step forward with their left, then they wiggle backwards... its so cute :)

I'm interested to hear how Koala got her name :)

Perhaps there are fox deterrents available on the internet that may work well in your garden.
Koala is a Warren.
We used to have a young couple living next door to us and their surname was Warren. When my daughter and her family came back to South Wales to live they stayed with us. My granddaughter heard me call my neighbour Carla but when Emily came to say the name she couldn't quite remember it so she called her Koala and that's what Carla is now called by all of us.
When we got our two Warren chickens my husband said "At least one fo them should be called Koala - as they are Warrens"
And so it came to pass.
Oh and Carla thinks it is wonderful to have a chicken named after her. We still keep in touch even though they have moved to the other side of town.
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