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    Hi, I am from TN and just started owning Chickens last June 4th of 2011...I have quite a selection of different breeds thanks, to a friend...I have hens : Wyandotte, Black and Blue Orp, 2 Lave Orps, 2 EE, getting another Friday and 2 Della Buffs, 1 Della buff Roo and a Black Orp Roo....we are realizing that there alot of roos......I have 3 Blue Copper Marans 2 hens 1 Roo....2 Olive Eggers roosters, 1 Silke and 1 'DUccle...not sure what the silkie is because they were born 4/7.....I am suppose to get 2 more Olive Eggers, 1 Iowa Blue, a blue AM and Lav am.....I hope I remembered them all don't want them too upset oh and getting a Leghorn....Anyway, lots of trials and error...lost 9 beautiful chicks in March to neighborhood dogs, learned my lesson....Still learning and loving my chicks....
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    Quite an arsenal you got there !!

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    Hello & Welcome!!!

    Come on in!