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    Hello from SW Florida! I'm so glad to have found this site! I've wanted chickens for years. A few months ago, I finally decided I would get some spring chicks. Well... I am a little bit ahead of my plan. I just happened to find a local 4H club selling chicks and the rest is history. I am now the proud "mommy" of 5 adorable chicks (roughly 5-6 weeks old and, supposedly, all female). 1 Buff Orpington, 1 Barred Rock, 2 Easter Eggers and 1 unknown. The Easter Eggers came from a hatchery and the "unknown" chick came with them. No one really wanted her so I took her. My husband was trying to steer me away from getting them but... once he saw them his face lit up. ;) And they LOVE him. They climb all over him and perch on his arms. He built, what I think is, an amazing coop using scrap material we had laying around. It's VERY sturdy. We have bear, panther, bobcat, coyote, raccoon, etc. and we wanted to make sure the coop was as safe as possible. Last night was the girls' 2nd full night in it. We still have a few things we want to do to it (nest box exterior collection door, etc.) but for now, the chicks have a safe home. Here are a couple pictures:

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    Welcome, and nice job. I bet in the next few months, you will not only be adding the nest boxes, but more coop and run space to add more chicks! They are like kittens, ya know.

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    Welcome to the forum and to chickenhood. :D Those chickens are sooo addicting. Nice mix and a nice age to start with!