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Good Thursday morning! I found this place thanks to the Carter's Legacy Farms giveaway and would love to be a part of this community.

A little bit about name is Beckie and I grew up around chickens, however they belonged to my Dad and it was very obvious that we were not allowed to touch HIS chickens. I married my high school sweetheart, David when we were just 18 years old, just a couple of months after he enlisted in the Air Force. He had a wonderful 30 year career and when we retired a few months ago, we decided it was time to put down some DEEP roots. We bought a home here in South Carolina with just shy of 4 acres and I decided it was my turn to be me. I started really working to get back to basics...making my own soaps, baking my own bread, having our vegetable garden and doing as much as we possibly can to be self sustaining. The natural progression there included getting some chickens so we can have fresh eggs, so less than a month after we moved into our new home, we brought home 6 tiny pullets - 3 RIR and 3 White leghorns. They haven't started laying yet, but they should begin within the next month or so...I am so looking forward to gathering our eggs each morning! Oh, and they all have names, and we all know that anything with a name will not end up on the dinner table!

Aside from the girls, we also have 2 golden retrievers who are spoiled rotten. Abby will be 7 in October and our big boy, Jake, just turned 5. They are our babies, and they know it! Our children are all grown and living on grown (didn't think that would ever happen!!) and we are the proud grandparents to 3 grandchildren with the 4th on the way. We have been raising 2 of our grands while our daughter has been in basic training and AIT, and they will be returning to her soon. Can't say the house will be empty or life will be boring because we are planning on adding a herd of dairy goats to the mix as soon as we can.

We have lots of plans for our land, including expanding the garden, converting to a primarily edible landscaping design and clearing more of the land. Right now we are using roughly 1 acre out of our almost 4 and really want to be able to more. It'll all come to pass in time, the biggest obstacle we face right now is being patient and not rushing ourselves into things before we are fully prepared.

Well, thanks for letting me share a bit of our lives with you. I look forward to being part of this community and hopefully making some friends along the way.

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