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    Hello everone! I have a small hobby farm about 15 minutes out of the Tri-City area of Kennewick, Pasco and Richland. I have been raising chickens and turkeys on and off since I was 6. Most recently my kids kept chickens for 4-H and FFA projects and there are only 2 left. I do not coop my chickens after a certian age but free range them on 2 acres of pasture with the larger livestock like sheep. They have a small barn with roosts they can utilize if they want to get out of the weather but most recently they have been roosting in the trees. I have lost several to dogs and birds over the years but I think the trade off of them roaming is probably worth in in their eyes. They like to visit the neighbors and eat the fallen fruit and they keep the insects down; it's a win/win situation. My favorite chickens have been ones I purchased at action at the local fair. They are so tame from the kids raising them they follow me arround when I'm in the yard and come running when you call them by name. I just lost my favorite one to an eagle and now I am worried about letting my small dogs out in their run. Life on the farm! Glade I found this site!!!