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Hello from Pittsburgh

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Hi all! I was referred here by Austin and though it took a few days, I'm here! Nice to meet you all.

As for me, I live near Pittsburgh PA on about 250 acres and right now we have about 24 chickens, mostly hens, and I'm not even sure how many breeds.

We like eggs. :D
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Hey, I know you also ... :D
Hey everybody. This is Jason's wife. I joined here also. This is my first time joining a forum and I am excited to try and figure it all out! Hope to learn lots of stuff about chickens. We have had chickens now for about 3 years and we currently have 24 chickens and one gobbler, so we are learning as we go.
Hey there Farmchick...

It's nice to see you here, now we just need to get you over to PS also. :D

Hey everybody. This is Jason's wife.
Hi Jason's wife. Nice to (sorta) meet you.

I don't know about joining PS. You might not want to see what Jason say's about you. :p JK

You're welcome Jason. :D
You know what they say about paybacks, Joe. :D
Glad both of you joined!
Well hello and welcome to both of you. :D Starting to get cold here so I'm going to be spending my one day off this week getting the chicken run winterized. Have snow advisories for areas just an hour from me for tonight so I usually get nailed with it here too. :eek: I'm so not ready for winter yet. We're still working on getting our wood and waiting for the guy we ordered it from months ago to get it here! Apparently the wife is going to have to step in on that one if it doesn't start appearing in my back yard by this Sunday. My hens aren't ready yet either. Only 2 out of 9 of them are done molting. The other 7 are in various stages of molting yet. They won't even go out in the run when its 40 degrees out now. I'm thinking part of that has to do with them be a wee bit too spoiled .... :eek:
Welcome to the forum both Jason and Farmchick !
Anyone notice this thread is a year and a half old? ;) Just sayin.
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