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    Hello, Glad to find this forum! We are just getting our coop started. We have decided on Orpingtons for our coop, since they seem to have all the traits we want. We ordered 15 live Golden Buff Orps (11 hens,4 roos). They are a few weeks old now. We have Black Orp eggs in the incubator, hoping for hatching any day now. Also in the incubator are some Lemon Cuckoo Orp eggs, hopefully hatching in a few weeks. We fenced off a large, mostly shaded area for our chicken yard. Just bought a coop on line and are working on putting it together. Then there is Hugh (Golden Sebright Bantam roo) and his wife, Willie (a Cochen). They have the run of the yard, and Willie is setting on a clutch of 9 eggs (all her idea) since July 3. Our whole extended family is starting to raise chickens for healthier food, and to be more self sufficient (Just in case TSHTF). Glad we found a place to share ideas, knowledge, and the enjoyment of our feathered friends! :)

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    Welcome.. Share some pics and roger that on the Fan !! I'm ready !
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    Welcome! Sounds like you have the beginings of a flock there!

    Oklahoma is OK! ~Kimberly
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    Welcome. You will love your Orps. I have BO's and they are the sweetest girls. Plus they provide me with eggs every day. I tell them they can take a day off, especially in this heat, but they are so proud of their new egg laying abilities that they keep delivering.