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Hi. I'm a member over at Prepared Society and heard about this board and joined up.
My wife and I live in rural north Florida on a small homestead with our horses, chickens, and dogs.
She's the farmer in the family, I'm approaching retirement but still commute into the city 5 days a week. Thank goodness I'm still gainfully employed in this economy.
The wife is the one who knows all about the different animals, I'm the guy who builds and fixes things (which is really a full time job by itself).

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WELCOME from NEW Mexico.
(Actually...YOU got to "Chicken Forum" LONG BEFORE I did. Ha-Ha !!! )

My "role"
at home was similar to yours (before my Wife died of Cancer).
SHE took care of the Animals and RAN things. I just built and fixed things and did the "whatever needs doing" things.
That was a very FINE "arrangement" for us BOTH !
( I had FUN at my work...and She had FUN laughing at me ! )
( I almost always CUSS like a Sailor WHEN I'm working. She thought THAT was funny! Ha-Ha !!! )

Life is GOOD here. It's long as the Bureaucrats STAY AWAY.
Bruce (ReTIRED)
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