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Hello from Missouri

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We live in south central mo near Rolla. Have a pile of chickens in a short coop that I built. We do it for the meat and eggs. We butcher quick by case skinning and freeze each meat type in separate bags for easier use later. We get many more eggs than we need so we give several dozen away to the elderly in the area and sell a few to people we know. It is not a large operation, just functional. We also have turkeys, geese, horses, a dairy cow, and a load of reptiles that we breed. Lots of fun!
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Yes, we have 30 acres.
Glad you joined Stryker!
soratosjc said:
Added a door to the end of the run got ease of cleaning and letting the girls out to roam the yard.

Can't figure out how to post pictures!!!! Errrr!
Interesting... I joined a year ago lol. Thank you though :) I did get a new tractor (actually quite old, 1956 Ford 601) so I am getting more done on the place than ever. Hard to believe that you need a small tractor to get most work done. Our Case 801B Diesel is just too much tractor for most jobs.
I have family in your area, actually, in Edgar Springs.
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