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    Hello everyone! Great site! I love reading all the info here. I have mostly what they call 4H chickens. They are wonderful layers. I have them in a chicken shed with a chicken run next to my small garden. This makes it easy to share my garden veggies with them and for them to share their fertile soil with the garden. It is a wonderful balance. Hehe I will soon need to get a new group of chicks because mine are getting up there in age. Chickens are such a pleasure to raise. I always find them very calming and I guess I consider them more my pets than I do a farm animal. They each have different personalities. Yes, I name them. Hehehe My rooster is named "Little Jerry Seinfeld". He looks just like the one Jerry had on his show. Fun stuff! Anyway, it is great to be here and meet you all. Thanks for the helpful info.
    Joni :cool: