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Here's a link to a video tour of my coop:

I live in Mountain View, California. Google, LinkedIn and Microsoft are just down the street from my house. I remember when I first moved here there was a feed store downtown. That building is now home to a start-up and the employees probably have no idea that it used to be a feed store.

I love living in the middle of the Silicon Valley, but we could really use a feed store in here!

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A VERY ATTRACTIVE and well-designed and apparently well-constructed Coop !!!
CONGRATULATIONS on such a fine addition to Your Place !

I attended College not very far from where you are ( but a million years seems ) at MENLO COLLEGE
( 4-year School of Business Administration ) in Menlo Park, California.
It is a very nice area. was a "crowded" area ... even back the 60s....and expensive.

I'm still a "Country Boy" and GLAD to live where it isn't SO VERY "CROWDED".....
But....I always MUCH ENJOY "visiting" the "Bay Area". I had a LOT of FUN there and
LEARNED quite a bit. ( some of which I STILL remember....Ha-Ha !!! )

Reminds me of NICE Places....and a few other places. Ha-Ha !!!

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