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guinea fowl

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Just ordered my first guinea fowl, Picked them up on Wed. By Sat. They were all dead, they had a great indoor coop, fresh water with electrolytes, medicated starter food and a heat lamp, it was horrific, they got weak, necks turned back, couldnt walk, then flopped around till they each passed, ANYONE know what this could have been? Thank you!
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Sorry to hear! My friend's Brother tried breeding them and a lot of them got this affliction where they thought they were upside down. Had to put them all down to stop it spreading to the rest of the flock.
Any idea what caused it?
I have only had that trouble when mail ordering. I always suspected that at some point in the trip they got cold. I would be curious to know if yours were mail ordered.
They were mail ordered unforunatly, it was 100 degree day out but possibly the delivery truck had ac on??? Would that cause them to act the way they did though? Losing balance, becoming floppy and necks bending? I was afraid they were diseased? Or my brand new bag of Manapro feed infected? It also killed a baby copper maran that i put the guineas in with. Anyone from ohio???
Who did you order form and have you contacted them?
I ordered from Meyer Hatchery, although they are shipped from another place (?) But they did guarentee them and i have 15 more being shipped next month,, o am just afraid of the same thing happeneing.
Did you ask the company what they thought happened?
They really sounded like they were unsure
Where they exposed to something? Did they give you any clue at all as to what could have happened?
What feed were they given? I see you said Manpro but which kind? If you used chick starter , that could be the issue. Guineas need alot more protient than chicks, I would use turkey starter, or game feed. They need at least 20% protient but closer to 26%. Also what bedding was being used in the brooder ?
It was just manpro medicated chick starter, i looked at TSC for just turkey starter and they said they only have chicken/turkey starter, nothing specifically for turkeys....but thank you i will look for it and purchace before my new babies come, i am sooo wanting these guys to do well
It is hard to say ... being mail ordered, something may have happened along the way.

Best of luck with the new batch.
Thank you so much, will be around mid July....
Did you ever do more research on this to find the cause? I have 7 2 month old Guineas. It seems like yours must have been diseased since the chicken also died. Seems too like Meyer's should replace the chicken they killed! I hope your new batch does better!
It sounds most like your birds had Newcastle.

Here's a thread on Star Gazing. (head turned up & acting topsy-turvy)

Another possibility like star gazing...

It really seems to me that Meyer contracted with an infected breeder. Why else would your chicken have died too? I haven't heard great things about them though so this doesn't surprise me.
Could be several reasons. Over heated en route, or got to cold en route. May have been tossed around turned sideways or up side down, etc. when being transferred from one transport to another. Or could have been the beading. Did you use cedar shavings by any chance? That would be poison to them, especially baby birds.

Could have also been contaminated feed. Any mold in it would also be bad for them, as well as for adult birds.

Speaking of feed. High protein game bird starter is usually recommended for keets. However, I found what works best for me is non-medicated chick starter. They may grow a little slower, but seem to grow stronger. By not growing at a faster pace, the leg tendons don't slip, so I never have leg problems on down the road like some others do. Just my 2 cents. :)
Marthab53 said:
I ordered cochin bantams. Can't wait to get them! I'm a newbie. So excited
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