Grouchy broody & timid chicks.

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    I have three chicks who are 11 weeks old today. Until now, they've been staying in a roomy brooder box with their surrogate mom (broody silkies, I tell ya). Mom seems to be ready to go back to the flock (she's laying again), but she's still preoccupied with the chicks and they are still very attached to her. I was thinking maybe I could allow all of them to begin roosting with the flock again, but am worried that there could be an altercation in the henhouse after sun-down. They've been hanging out with the flock for months and while the lead hen chases them from time to time to remind them who's boss, none of the other hens seem to harbor any aggression toward them. Except for one - my recently broody hen, Sylvia. I'm thinking that I might take the bedding out of the brooder and put Sylvia there to discourage her broodiness and just allow mom and the chicks to roost with the others. Does anyone have any advice for me? I'm worried that I might be inviting trouble for my little ones.

    The chicks are practically as big as the other silkies in the flock. They are certainly as big or bigger than mom. :)
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    Putting them with the flock at night would go easier than putting them in during the day but I would go out as early as possible to check on everyone. I let my moms brood & raise their chicks within the flock and it seems to go better for me. There are no reintroductions later and when the moms bring them out of the nest, no one is getting near those chicks! LOL It really depends on your flocks temperament though on how it will go. I have a pretty laid back flock when it comes to chicks and my boys help care for them.

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    You just need to remember that chickens do have a pecking order ... but they will find their place within the flock. :)

    Just let them do their thing...
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    I have a hen right now that is taking care of 6 baby chicks. they are about 3 weeks old now. And funny think is.. not one of them is hers. And let me tell ya she takes good care of them too. If any of the other chickens get near them she will let them know to back off. She started going broody in my barn so I just left her there to sit on some eggs that were No good I left in there the night before. As soon as she was off the nest, I grabbed those and gave her fresh eggs I just collected. And she brings them in and out of the barn all day long. So your Momma will be just fine with her little babies.