Greetings from the Gulf Coast, AL

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    Greetings from Mobile, AL located on the Gulf Coast. We recently moved to a 25 acre ranch and I have always wanted to raise laying hens. I had absolutely no intentions of owning a rooster but at my first chicken swap was introduced to a gorgeous retired show rooster. He chose me and came home with me that day. My chicken journey began.
    Two months later, I have Colonel Chow, the banty Cochin rooster and four light Brahma's (Pip, Tildy, Bonita, & Consuela) & 3 Buff Orpingtons (Sookie, Buffy, & Bella) *yeah, yeah....I do have a teenage daughter in the house. :p
    We're busy trying to improve upon the coop and figure out what everyone likes. My philopsophy...happy chickens will produce eggs.
    They've changed my life and we eagerly await our first eggs. Meanwhile, I continue to study and learn about how to have a safe and healthy flock.
    I enjoy reading the forum and learning from the seasoned veterans.
    Until later & more chicken chat....
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    Hi Kathryn. I'm just the other side of Mobile Bay, in Foley. Welcome aboard.
    My experience is limited too, but I think your biggest worry will be predators. I buried the wire for my run about 18" and folded it out about a foot. That seems to have discouraged the coyotes that did try to dig their way in. Wire across the top of the run frustrated the heck out of the red tail hawks too. They don't even perch on the coop roof much any more. We have foxes and bobcats here too.
    About the only thing I see around here that hasn't stared longingly at my chickens are the cotton mouths. Next one of those I see will become a hat band.

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    You are one lucky Chic! And I love the vampire names.
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    Hey there!

    I am in Tuscaloosa County and new to this forum as well. I have had chickens for years and will be happy to help in any way I can.