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Greetings from the beautiful Oregon Coast

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We feel this crisis will peak sometime by the year 2030 leaving large groups of people without enough access to food. So we decided to raise SOME chickens.

We picked this date 2030 because we see populations grow, especially in developing countries. We see food production affected by changing weather, the increasing price of oil, dwindling supplies in fish\crops, collapse of the U.S. dollar, hyperinflation, and global debt. These forces will cause the demand for food to outstrip supply by the year 2030.

We had a choice either become a Grower, a Hoarder or a Dept of Homeland Security Detainee. Regardless of how much food we hoard, there is a limit and we sure are not about to be detainee.

We have chosen to become a Grower and share our knowledge and experiences with others.

To be a Grower, we raise chickens in a Chicken Sanctuary.

We did not want to be daily tied to feeding, watering and open and closing the chicken coop. We wanted our chickens to have all these things, be protected and give us Range Free Eggs. So we are developed the Chicken Sanctuary. We have posted all the details of the the Chicken Sanctuary in the Raising Chicken Coop Thread.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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