Greetings from Southern NH!

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    Two months ago we received a batch of heavy laying breed chicks from Murray McMurray and today we are happy to announce that most are still with us. We have 2 dark Cornish (who are so smart and funny) 5 Barred Plymouth Rocks (absolute sweeties) 6 partridge rocks (our explorers) 6 light brahmas (our goose-sounding chicks) and 5 buff orpingtons (who do very little but eat and give vacant expressions.) If that wasn't enough I came across someone selling a pair of Seramas and fell in love about a month ago. Of course what kind of flock is two lonely Seramas? So I ended up with three six week old Seramas yesterday but I think we're good for now!

    Here's some photos. This our Coop (built free-hand with no blue prints)

    These are our future laying hens all bunching together for a photo op.


    Here is my Serama Pair. I think I have settled on Johnny and Henny Penny for their names. I think.


    And here's my newest three. Not sure on their names yet but I think the little 'roo is a Caesar. He looks like one.

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    Beautiful chicks, house and pictures...maybe you put it in the wrong section?? It might be a little late but Welcome from New York! Once you learn your way around you will love it! Lots of good information. Jen:)

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    Hello WeeLittleChicken! Welcome to the forum. LOVE the pictures!!! Glad you joined us. Scratch around and check out the threads. Lots of good stuff and some really great folks too!