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It makes me a bit sad to write this but I'd like to thank everyone for the great information, the hospitality and the fun posts!

After doing quite a bit of research on various forums and the ownership of these forums, I have discovered that most forums are owned by large corporations, many of them foreign headquartered and are HUGE data mining operations. There are many other more sinister things that these companies do, but I will not get into that on this forum, but trust me, it ain't good stuff.

This goes 180 degrees against everything that I believe in. Some may say that my Tin-Foil hat is too tight and I'd say your are 100% WRONG! My hat is made of the best Titanium Alloy proven to stop even the most diligent aliens from infiltrating my brain..HA!

Anyway, my very best to everyone and with this I bid you Farewell!

Forever, Your Friend, SLIPPY!

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Slippy, I hope you see this. The owners of the forums are not the kind you're concerned about. They are a Canadian company who also have a presence in MI. You're not the only one with a tinfoil hat, I've investigated who is involved with our forum.

Yes, some forums and websites, FB for one, are data miners. And yes there may be some done here but not at the same level you are concerned about.

If you like, I'll have one of the admins give you a holler to give you some insight into who the corporation is.

I've been here a long time. I've never seen anything from outside of the forum that would indicate my data is being collected and used to target me for nefarious reasons. Not even non nefarious.
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