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I have had bantams and guineas for most of my life. I love small bantams. The more widely varied the population the better. It is like a study in genetics trying to figure out who the parents were of the ones they hatch out. I love the guineas for the noise and bug collecting services.

The neighborhood fox got the last of my chickens about a year ago. It took him a year but he finally cleaned me out. I would fix up the hole he dug to get in the chicken coop and he would dig another. I didn't fill in one hole and put a live trap inside so if he used the hole again, I would have him. The trap set there untripped for 6 months, then he digs another hole. His best day and my worst was 19 chickens and hardly a loose feather in the chicken house.

I have a lot of funny stories concerning my chickens, as I am sure other people do. You need to start a category on the form for funny but true.

I am getting some guineas in a few weeks so I will be back in business.

I also got a high powered rifle with a scope on it so when the fox stops on the next hill over and takes a look back at me, I can reach out and touch him. Foxes are neat little animals but I also want to have my chickens.
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