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I started with dual purpose birds too.... I agree my Buff Orps are.... disappointing. They lay eggs for me just fine but they are dumb as bricks and I am shocked to see they haven't killed themselves yet, they sure try reeeally hard. SIGH.

I also have barred rocks and partridge rocks. The barred ones grew like nobody's bussiness really fast, are friendly, and wow they lay well. The partridges are the same they just grew a little less quickly but still got quite large. Mine laid through the winter too.

My Light Brahmas also grew really big really quick and are pretty fair layers, not quite as prolific as the rocks but pretty close. They're also friendly and beautiful. I have no issues with them.

My two Cornish are... crafty. I think they would be happier in a free range situation if I were able to give them such here. They're super smart, into everything, and are always making me laugh but they're not friendly/cuddly like the other breeds just super active and fun to watch. People usually raise them for meat (even though they're not really huge they do have more breast meat) I haven't had any issues with the eggs they lay. They seem to be pretty productive.

I have some Barnevelders and Golden Cuckoo Marans in the incubator. They're supposed to be fairly good layers and big as well. We'll see. Really looking forward to the Cream Legbar eggs I ordered which will probably arrive closer to Autumn. All that being said there are a ton of dual purpose breeds. There are some people here who swear on Buckeyes, which makes me curious! :) Good luck in choosing!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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