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Just thought I'd show off some pictures of my lil fuzzy silkied Cochin bantam kids from yesterday. 😁 The numbers are their hatch order, just for my reference. They hatched at the end of May, so they're roughly 2-and-a-half months old now. It's hard to tell from pictures because some of them are suuuper dark, but Wash, Diesel, Hank, and Harley are my Blues, and the rest of them are Black.


Also, here are Myrtle, Dandy, and Zinnia, last year's babies, hanging out in their little tarp hammock yesterday. Gus was too busy with big, important rooster business to come over for a picture, I guess. 🤣

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I see one with a green band.

But I'm also seeing trouble ahead. 12 now, 4 from the other day, 3 more this weekend. And a bunch are keepers?

Do you have more expansion plans? Or are you going to get really serious and start offering stunning pairs for sale? If you can let go of them, that is.

Was it Zinnia you weren't sure was fertile? Any news in that area?
All but one in that group have the green band, but not all of their bands are visible in that picture because of how they're positioned. ;)

Haha, I guess you know me well enough! I'm going to try to sell off the extras as I determine whether or not they will benefit my breeding groups. Okay, maybe I'll keep a special one or two in my mixed flock, but I definitely don't have room for them all, so some will have to go whether I like it or not. 😩 I do really want to preserve and breed for improvement in these guys, so I've got to get my big girl undies on and do what needs to be done. No plans for further expansion so it is what it is.

Zinnia, yes, she's the one that I wasn't sure about. After the eggs already in the incubator are done, I'm going to give it a week or so break so that the chicks can grow enough to move out to the coop and open up brooder space before the next set would hatch. Then I'll start setting again. I should be able to determine whether she's producing chicks or not from that because I know which eggs are Boba's and Zinni is the only other hen in that group. :)
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One of the things that happened to me is that I got attached to the parents and didn't want to let them go. Even when the peeps they produced were so much closer to standard than they were. Since you name so many, is that also going to be problem for you too?

Is there a possibility Gus never bred Zinnia? That there was something about her that just didn't sit right with him?

And it's only April and you still don't have your chocolate eggs yet. This is going to be a really long Summer watching you pick and choose those that you really don't want to let go.
One of the things that happened to me is that I got attached to the parents and didn't want to let them go. Even when the peeps they produced were so much closer to standard than they were. Since you name so many, is that also going to be problem for you too?
A problem, maybe. Difficult, definitely yes. We'll see. I do have some space to keep older hens I absolutely can't let go of, but roosters are a problem, I can only keep so many of those. So yeah, we'll see.

Is there a possibility Gus never bred Zinnia? That there was something about her that just didn't sit right with him?
I've seen him mount her, I just haven't seen him actually properly mate her, so it's probably got more to do with her being uncooperative than it has to do with him not trying. 🤦‍♀️ I haven't decided if I'm setting this weekend or giving it another week to make sure brooder space opens up, but next batch of eggs should go in soon-ish to find out if her eggs are fertilized yet or not.

And three more littles hatched this past weekend, so here's a little cuteness for y'all while I'm here 🥰

Bird Beak Feather Ducks, geese and swans Poultry
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After all that time you have Gus babies coming out of the woodwork.

Something I never thought about until now, how many toes are supposed to be feathered on Cochins? If they're lightly feathered at hatch can they fill in more as they mature?
Middle and outer toes are supposed to be completely feathered on both feet, but the inner toe having feathers as well isn't listed as a defect or anything. The down on their toes now strongly indicates how well their toes will be feathered in adulthood in my experience thus far, so that's something I can look at right away to see if anyone's toes won't be properly feathered or something and pick out better birds from hatch. :)
Huh, goes to show how overwhelmed I was with mine. I never thought to check for down on the toes. If feathers weren't there then I figured they would never have the four toes with feathers.

Yeah, I got out at the right time.
I am alive, y'all! Just busy, busy, busy as usual. Bound to get busier as well, ugh. It's so bad lately that I've hardly taken pictures of the chicks as they're growing and the next batch is due to hatch this weekend!

For your viewing pleasure in the mean time, I don't remember if I'd mentioned this at all here, but miss Athena went broody last month so I let her hatch a few chicks. Here she is with them:

I've got another hen, a pure Silkie, sitting on more eggs, plus a full incubator staggered so that I have chicks due the next three weekends, and more hens gearing up to hatch. Chicks everywhere!!
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Nope, you've been absent since she went broody. Whose eggs did she hatch?

And it's ok, I know how wild things get for you this time of year. Plus you have so many young pullets who are going to go broody you'll be going out of your mind trying to keep them straight.

I really enjoy the updates. Are you still on to receive the chocolate eggs in August?
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She has two that are either her own or one of the other Blue girls' babies, and two that are Boba's babies, all fathered by Gus. I hatched the Boba babies in an incubator and leg banded them before giving them to her to make sure I knew which chicks were which. :) The Silkie hen has eggs from Pete's coop under her.

Yeah, it's crazy, and right now I'm job hunting on top of everything else so who knows how busy I'll be after that. But I do have it set up now so I get alerts directly on my phone when I'm tagged, so anytime you need me or just want to check in, feel free to tag me and I'll pop by when I next get a chance!

I honestly don't know on the Chocolates. I never got a response when I asked about them again. :confused: I may end up shelving the idea for this year and trying again next year, if I can get through to them about it by then. Or, maybe this is a sign for me to just focus on the BBS for now.

Which reminds me, I set eggs from Wyatt (my chosen Blue rooster) over the Blue girls last weekend, and 11 are developing, so hopefully there's finally a Splash baby in there! 🙏 I don't remember what I've posted here at this point, but I did get the pen finished up and split the Blue girls out with Wyatt and left Boba and Zinni with Gus.

Also, I set eggs from Gus's remaining two girls a couple weekends ago. Confirmed that Zinni either is just not properly breeding with Gus or is, herself, infertile in some way. All of Boba's eggs are developing, but none of Zinni's are. And here I blamed poor Gussy for the lack of chicks last year! So, Zinni will retire to the mixed flock once I have some pullets grown out to add back to the group in her place. She's kind of special to me even if she doesn't produce chicks, so I'd like to keep her around regardless.
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Last we talked you were working on the new pen still. I'm looking forward to seeing the new peeps even if they're half grown before you find time to hit the forum again. 😋 Alerts only work with PMs so when I need your expertise I'll reach out that way.

Job? Don't you already have a fulltime job with the birds?

Hmm, wonder what's up with the chocolate lady. Sounds almost like more than closing on a house was going on. Maybe issues with the flock.
No, I think the site was updated or something, it let me set it to get alerts for tags as well way back in April! I got one for you tagging me in the other thread about the TSC bantams, which was why I checked in! :) I'll see if I can convince the babes to cooperate for pictures today, though I'll have to go back and look at their hatch dates to puzzle out how old they are at this point. 😬 Some of them are looking like proper chickens already! I can hardly believe how fast they grow sometimes!

Haha, it sure feels like it sometimes! But no, they don't pull in enough income for much more than just keeping them fed, not even that a lot of the time. 😅 It's a hobby, though. They're just here for me to enjoy, not to make money.

As far as the farm with the Chocolates, I don't know. It's kind of a bummer because I was pretty excited for them, but I don't necessarily need them... and I'm sure I will have opportunities to try again some other time.
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I wish they'd tell us when they do stuff like that. I had just asked a couple months ago about being alerted to mentions and getting an alert, I was told no they don't send notices.

Do not do that just because I'm drooling over the new peeps. When you've got time to breathe is good enough.

I know just what you mean about enough to pay for feed, it was the same for me. Now I have birds that only cost me money and don't bring anything in.

I guess that's all of us in a nutshell, want it now. Waiting is hard. But it sounds like you've got a ton of work on your hands plus a potential job. Don't get like I did, get in over your head and just sell out.
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I didn't get pictures of the older kiddos, but here are some fresh newbies hatching today! 🥰 Three out so far, two more on the way 🙏

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No lie, they're fresh. Baby is waiting for the newbie to get up and join it.
Here's the full hatch, 3 Blacks and 2 Blues. 🥰 These are Pete x Washburne babies, all potentially keepers.

...I may have forgotten to take pictures of the older kids in the hatch excitement, though.
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Who notices if you missed any with these cuties to look at?

I like the wing set on peep two. I'd really like to see how that turns out later.

Weird how we don't notice those things in real life but a pic taken just right can show things we don't see. And just in case, there have been issues getting pics to post. They might have fixed though if you got yours up.
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