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Just thought I'd show off some pictures of my lil fuzzy silkied Cochin bantam kids from yesterday. 😁 The numbers are their hatch order, just for my reference. They hatched at the end of May, so they're roughly 2-and-a-half months old now. It's hard to tell from pictures because some of them are suuuper dark, but Wash, Diesel, Hank, and Harley are my Blues, and the rest of them are Black.


Also, here are Myrtle, Dandy, and Zinnia, last year's babies, hanging out in their little tarp hammock yesterday. Gus was too busy with big, important rooster business to come over for a picture, I guess. 🤣

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They sure are! Two of my silkied Reds are in the broody buster now, Donna and Rowena. Those two went broody last summer and were in the buster for literal months before finally breaking. 😩 If I had the space in the coop to divide off for a broody pen, I'd consider letting them raise some of the babies in the incubator now...
Hmm, do they really need to be separated from the others to raise the peeps?
Those two are in my main flock, so yeah. I have a lot of different breeds in there, bantam and large fowl, not just silkied Cochins. Some of them I'd trust around babies, but definitely not all of them. 😅
Whoops, not sure why it double posted! :unsure:
There seemed to be a gremlin earlier. Very slow loading comments. I'm guessing they fixed it.

I'm so used to having Silkies that I forget or maybe more don't realize that some flocks just are not laid back enough to put peeps with them
Nope, gremlin is still there. Took a long time for my reply to load.
We are locked down for hatch! The 19 eggs from the last candling are all still going! I put the silkied BBS eggs in one incubator, and the Chocolates and the eggs from Gus's pen in the other incubator. There's only a slight chance for Blacks out of the BBS eggs, but I want to make sure I know which are from Gus's girls, so better safe than sorry! I saw some draw down happening already in some of the Chocolates, so looks like they're eager to join us! 😁 I'll keep y'all posted!
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Here we go!!! You know I'll be watching closely to see what happens.
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We have one pipped BBS and two pipped Chocolates this morning!! :love:
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Son of a gun. It seems too soon but it also feels like it so long to start happening.

I know you're hovering now.
That's for sure!! :ROFLMAO: I'm trying to keep busy with other stuff, but I just have to keep peeking! We're up to 3 pips on the Chocolates and 5 pips on the BBS eggs now! EDIT: Make that 6 BBS eggs pipped!
Darn, they're in a hurry. I don't think I ever had that many pips at one time in such short order.
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I had a long night and not much sleep, but we're sitting at 8 babies as of right now! 5 Blues and 2 that are either dark Blue or Black from the BBS eggs, plus one little Chocolate! :love: They're resting under the heat plate, so no pictures just yet.

The remaining 3 BBS eggs, plus one Chocolate egg and both of the eggs from Gus's girls are all externally pipped, and I see movement in the air cells of two of the remaining Chocolate eggs. I think the other three Chocolate eggs have quit on us, though, so here's hoping these last three with movement will hatch. 🙏
I was going to hunt you down if I hadn't found an update by now.

Please hatch babies. And I know you won't give up on the 3 chocolates quite this fast.
Haha, yup, I'm checking in with a report! We are sitting at 15 babies with number 16 hatching as I type this! 😁 I do think the last three eggs are goners, but I'll check them later once the 16th baby is out and make sure.

I haven't taken stock of how many are Blue and how many are Black out of the silkieds, but there are 12 of those babies, plus three Chocolates, and the last one working on hatching should be a Chocolate Cuckoo. Once they're all out, dried, and in the brooder, I'll do a mass photo shoot and show them off. They are too precious!! :love:
Not shabby for all those shipped eggs. All of Gus' hatched too, right?

As much as I want to see the chocolates I'm really curious about the cuckoo too. I didn't like them in Silkies but it might be a completely different look with the Cochins.

Like you, I'm still holding on to the hope at least one of the other three come through.
Two of the five from Gus's pen hatched. The other three were clears, and I collected them after the ones that hatched oddly enough. I suspect that he stops breeding when it gets chilly, as early spring eggs from that pen are also always clears and the eggs that were clear were collected after a cold spell here. Unfortunate, but he finally has some offspring at least!

I tend to agree that cuckoo patterning doesn't look great on silkied feathering in my opinion, although I don't mind it on smooth feathering. I'm not super fond of chocolate cuckoo, though, because the cuckoo patterning tends to make the chocolate color really pale, so we'll see on that little one. I'll keep her around in my main flock if she's a pullet, but I probably won't if she turns out to be a cockerel. 😅

She has hatched finally, bringing us up to 16! I candled the last three eggs again and, seeing no movement, went ahead and opened the air cells up. All gone. It looks like they retained too much fluid in their eggs and drowned, sadly. I think I missed this because they had badly jiggly air cells so they sort of 'sloshed' as I was marking them and they must have actually had smaller air cells than they looked from that. Two of the four that did hatch were pretty goopy, too, so I guess I'm lucky they pulled through!

Pictures coming later once the last little one is dried off! ❤
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Not your fault. It was a long shot that they would hatch. The fact they got as far as they did is surprising.

You know I'll be looking forward to the new peeps.
Here are some group pictures of them! First, all 16! This was absolute madness! :ROFLMAO:

Bird Beak Poultry Waterfowl Ducks, geese and swans

My tally for colors is 6 for sure silkied Blues:

Bird Beak Ducks, geese and swans Poultry Waterfowl

4 for sure silkied Blacks and one that I'm not sure if it's a really dark Blue or a Black as well. The one I'm not sure of is front and center here:

Bird Beak Poultry Ducks, geese and swans Galliformes

Three smooth Chocolates and one Chocolate Cuckoo (the one all the way to the right). Not sure how I feel about them thus far; they are beautiful babies, but I don't like how sparse those leg feathers are on some of them, and at least one of them appears to have white legs as I wondered if they would with Orpington in their background. I can work with this, though!

Bird Beak Ducks, geese and swans Poultry Waterfowl

The last of the 16 babies is this little one. I know for sure that only four Chocolate eggs hatched, that the two out of Gus's pen were solid Black because I leg banded them as they hatched, and that all ten of the silkied BBS eggs that made it to lockdown hatched, and I only have 11 Blue and Black chicks (9 from the BBS eggs and two from Gus's pen), so this little one had to have come with the silkied BBS eggs. I recall her mentioning on her farm page that she was working on a project that involved crossing Reds and Blacks together, so I wonder if maybe she accidentally sent me an egg from that pen. :unsure: That does mean that this little one may not be silkied, and even if it is, will not be useful for my breeding pens. Like the cuckoo, though, I have no problem keeping her in my mixed flock as long as she's a pullet. 🤷‍♀️

Bird Beak Feather Poultry Ducks, geese and swans

I'll work on getting more individual pictures of them this weekend!
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